Automatisation of reversing gates, sectional gates, wood gates, sun bild and rolling shutter.

We specialize in the automation of your tilting gate (turning inside or outside the facade), your sectional gate, your wooden wing gate, your domain gate or fences, your sun protection or your roller shutter.

In short, we automate all existing garage doors or domain gates and always make quotations without obligation.

If you wish to carry out your automation yourself, you can also contact us for an automation kit. You will enjoy competitive conditions and technical information.

The major market leaders such as FAAC, SEIP, FADINI and MAC provide a reliable, quiet and safe operation of your automatic gate, sun blinds or roller shutter. Photocells detect every movement when the motor is activated and thus guarantee the safety of yourself, your children and your visitors. All your automatic facilities can be operated with a keypad, key switch or transmitter. Our transmitters and receivers from FAAC, Mac, SEIP, GIBIDI, SOMMER, V2, HÖRMANN, CAME are equipped with a rolling code or hopping code system. This means optimal security by changing the coding after each use and this from more than 15 billion possibilities ...

Our range of automation also includes Fence Chains, Parking Guards, Parking Fences and Galvanizing Poles for your private or company car park. The major brands here are: CAME, FAAC, FADINI.

For more than 25 years, we have been installing and servicing all possible gates, domain gates and sun blinds. This makes us the repairer par excellence.

Revolving overhead gate within the facade
This gate does not protrude from the wall like a gate revolving outside the facade.
This has the advantage that you can drive your car closer to the gate, a disadvantage can be that you lose
space inside the garage because the overhead gate does not pass the facade.
With the automation on your overhead door, various options are possible that can be applied to your garage door.

The motor is mounted in the middle and automates your up-and-over door up to 7 m2 with a single control device there.
No temporary physical ailments at the gate are required. Due to the pulling force of the straight arms, the motor opens the tilting gate.

Outside the swinging tilting gate

This is the perfect solution for automating your up-and-over gate with counterweights.

This gate comes outside the facade.
The advantage of this is that you save space inside the garage because the overhead door extends beyond the facade.
With the automation on your overhead door, various options are possible that can be applied to your garage door.

With 2 gear reducers it can operate both tilting gates with counterweights. Move this to both an inwardly rotating up-and-over door as well as an outwardly rotating up-and-over door. It is easy to install and automates doors up to 12 m2 with 2 motors connected in parallel.

Sideways Automation
The possibility to place your motor on the side wall of your garage.
This is to save space or when there is no possibility to mount your motor on the ceiling.

This is manageable for your inwardly rotating and tilting gate

Automation revolving overhead gate outside the facade
If you have enough space on your ceiling, an automation can be installed.
This type of motor generates maximum pushing force, which is ideal for up-and-over gates. and sectional garage doors.

Sectional gate automation

Domain gates automatisation

With domain ports, there are various options available to place an installation.
Linear engine, articulated arm engine and the underground engine.